Types of Meetings & Servers

Basic Meetings - is our simplest and cheapest variant to run a BigBlueButton meeting. Meetings are created immediately and have basic configuration options. Such meetings are launched on a server that is shared between our customers - an thus the performance depends on actual usage. These meetings cannot be recorded. Learn more >>

Standard Meetings - offer most features and guaranteed performance - every meeting is launched on a separate server instance thus eliminating even the possibility of different meetings interfering with it. Optionally you can record such a meeting and we will store it for you. Learn more >>

Private Server - is more classic approach to a hosting BigBlueButton - you get a server where only you can launch meetings. Optionally you can choose server with recording - every meeting can be recorded and will be stored regardless its size for 2 years even if the server gets stopped. The only limit are the performance of the server and the number of participants across all meetings on the server. You can run any number of meetings of any duration as long as the server is capable of processing them. You can create multiple servers an let all of them be used by Moodle. Learn more >>

Both Standard Meetings and Private Servers run as dedicated instances of BigBlueButton thus eliminating even a possibility of interference between our customers.


Basic Meetings Standard Meetings Private Servers
Resources Shared Reserved Reserved
Price from 0,10 €/meeting from 0,79 €/meeting from 7,95 €/week
Price model prepay per meeting prepay per meeting weekly prepaid
unlimited meetings
Recording & Playback - from 0,99 €/meeting optional
Duration up to 3 hours up to 10 hours unlimited
Meeting Launch Speed instant 5 minutes instant
Schedule in Advance - yes -
Region Selection - 9 regions 9 regions
Screen Sharing - yes yes
Customization Basic Extended Extended
White-Labeling - possible possible
HD Webcams - yes yes