Private Servers

Private Server - is a BigBlueButton server that is solely used by you. You can control the load yourself. The number of meetings and their duration are limited only by the server performance.

You can have multiple servers. The short payment period (a week) gives you the option to save money and stop servers when you don't need them.

For example, if you plan a seminar which will last two weeks, you can create a server just for those two weeks.

We offer private servers with and without recording. Servers with recording will record every meeting, recording will be stored for 2 years and will be accessible even if the server gets stopped.

Abstrix Meeting offers an abstraction layer that hides the native BigBlueButton API from you. This allows us to administer servers in a more reliable way, for example, an upgrade to a new version of BigBlueButton will happen seamlessly with zero downtime. We offer the standard BigBlueButton API and our own REST-like API.

Our BigBlueButton API acts as a load balancer and lets you use multiple servers with a single Moodle instance.

Private Server can record meetings and price includes 2-year cloud storage space for every meeting hosted by the server.