Pricing of Abstrix Meeting

Abstrix Meeting offers different ways of hosting BigBlueButton meetings.

All prices are without VAT or GST and for legal entities only.

Basic Meetings (shared server)

Prices are per meeting. Learn more about Basic Meetings here.

Size Price Participants Duration Recording Launch Speed
Demo* Free 3 30 min none instant
XXS 0,10 € 5 1 h none instant
XS 0,29 € 10 2 h none instant
S 0,49 € 10 3 h none instant

* Demo meetings are meant for getting to know our service and might be altered, limited or disabled at any time.

Standard Meetings

Prices are per meeting. Learn more about Standard Meetings here

Size Price Participants Duration Recording Launch Speed
Without recording
M 0,79 € 10 2 hours none 5 minutes
L 1,79 € 30 4 hours none 5 minutes
XL 2,99 € 100 10 h none 5 minutes
With recording
M+ 0,99 € 10 2 hours 1 year 5 minutes
L+ 2,49 € 30 4 hours 2 years 5 minutes
XL+ 6,99 € 100 10 h 2 years 5 minutes

Private Servers

Prices are per server per week. Server will automatically renew every week and the fee be will be deducted from your balance. In case balance is not enough the server will not renew and will stop.

Learn more about Private Servers here.

Size Price Participants
across all meetings
Without recording
Basic 9,95 €/week 10 none
Standard 19,95 €/week 50 none
Pro 39,95 €/week 150 none
Ultra 79,95 €/week 300 none
With recording for all meetings
Basic+ 29,95 €/week 10 2 years
Standard+ 49,95 €/week 50 2 years
Pro+ 79,95 €/week 150 2 years
Ultra+ 129,95 €/week 300 2 years

Payment Options

We offer our services only on a prepayment basis. This means you will never unexpectedly outreach your budget.

You have to add balance to your account first. This is possible starting with a 10 €.

We accept credit cards, the payment is processed safely and securely online by our partner Stripe, Inc. We never get access to your credit card number.

Payment by a bank transfer is possible too, please contact us if you want to use it.

Business from European Union (excluding Germany) will get an invoice without the VAT given that they have provided their valid VAT ID and may have to pay the tax themselves according to their local law (see Reverse-Charge Procedure).