Moodle Integration with BigBlueButton

Abstrix Meeting provides integration with Moodle using the standard BigBlueButtonBN Plugin for Moodle (link).

Just enter our Endpoint URL and Shared Secret in the plugin settings. Get them in your account settings.

Private Servers that you create will automatically become available through the Moodle integration. Whenever Moodle creates a new meeting Abstrix Meeting selects most empty server in your account and uses it to host the new meeting.

All Private Servers you create will be used to host meeting. This allows you to control your costs on a weekly basis. For example during busy times you can add more servers and during holidays you can stop all servers without having any costs at all. Recording will stay available.

Unlimited Recordings

Abstrix Meeting provides Server plans that include 2-year storage with triple replication for all recordings.

You don't have to worry about making backups or space running out. You also don't have to pay monthly fee for recording staying saved - the server price includes 2-year storage for all meetings hosted by the server.

To enable recording you have to create Private Servers with recording.

If you want a longer than 2 years period please let us know.

Cloud storage means that recordings are stored in the cloud and not on the server and even if the server gets stopped recordings will stay available for playback (both in the Moodle and through Abstrix Meeting dashboard).

Tip: You can launch a Private Server for just one week and all recordings will remain available for 2 years.

Recorded meetings are not meant for intensive playback or publication outside of the Moodle.

How it works?

Abstrix Meeting mimics the standard BigBlueButton API (more details). It provides you with your own endpoint URL ("BigBlueButton Server URL") which implements BigBlueButton API.

This API however is not linked to one server but is linked to your account. Even if you don't have any server running the API is still on and will give access to all the previous recordings.

When creating a new meeting API acts as a load balancer and distributes meetings evenly between your servers.

To increase the capacity you can add new servers within 5 minutes. Currently we don't offer auto-scale functionality for servers.

How to connect Abstrix Meeting to Moodle?

  1. Install BigBlueButtonBN plugin into your Moodle.
  2. Open Abstrix Meeting dashboard to receive BigBlueButton Server URL and BigBlueButton Shared Secret.

  3. Enter them on the plugin settings page:

  4. Make sure you have at least one server running in your Abstrix Meeting account.
  5. You are ready to go.