How to Record Meetings

Record a Standard Meeting

  1. Create a standard meeting and select a size that includes recording.
  2. Wait approx. 5 minutes for meeting to be created.
  3. During the meeting use all features you want
  4. After the meeting wait for it to be archived. To speed things up manually end meeting when all participants have left.
  5. Once recording is ready you will see it in the dashboard on the meeting's page:

  6. Open or copy the link to playback or download video files to your computer:

Record a Meeting on a Private Server

  1. Make sure that a Private Server with recording is running.
  2. From the server page create a meeting.
  3. BigBlueButton interface will have button for starting and stopping of the recording.
  4. Click the Start Recording button
  5. Once meeting has ended the server will begin with archiving - you will be able to view the progress from the dashboard
  6. After archiving is done the recording will be ready for playback
  7. Recording will remain available after server will be stopped.